Salon hair botox treatment Botox Ritual 2 x 250, 20 ml


shampoo 250 ml, hair botox 20 ml, mask 250 ml


The moisturizing and smoothing Botox Ritual shampoo is designed for unruly and frizzy hair. The main active ingredient of the product is hyaluronic acid responsible for the regeneration and reconstruction of the hair structure and bamboo extract with anti-age properties. The shampoo foams well, thoroughly cleanses the hair of all impurities. This is the first step of the Botox Ritual smoothing treatment.

How to use: Apply the shampoo on your hand, rub it with water until it lathers, then apply to the length of your hair and rinse. Wash your hair twice. The next step during the treatment is Botox Botox Ritual, and the Botox Ritual Mask for post treatment care.

Professional product. It does not contain SLS. Capacity 250 ml.

The Botox Ritual intensively moisturizing and smoothing hair mask is intended for unruly, frizzy, dry and damaged hair. The main active ingredient is hyaluronic acid responsible for filling the hair structure and bamboo extract with anti-age properties. The mask deeply nourishes, regenerates and smoothes the hair. It is the last step during the treatment with Botox Ritual and in care after the treatment.

How to use: Apply the mask to damp hair for about 5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. The product can also be used on dry hair in the OMO method. For the effect of in-depth hydration, we recommend keeping the product on the hair for about 10 minutes.

The mask does not weigh the hair down. Can also be used on curly and wavy hair for reduced frizz.

Professional product. Capacity 250 ml.

Botox for hair Maanu Botox Ritual! A smoothing and rebuilding hair treatment with the highest dose of hyaluronic acid. The treatment is intended for frizzy, dry, unruly and damaged hair. The effects after the treatment are smooth, regenerated hair full of healthy shine. The smoothing effect lasts for about 3 weeks + more weeks with the Botox Ritual post-treatment care. The product consists of a booster and a fluid that must be combined with each other.

How to use: Pour Booster and Fluid into a non-metallic bowl, and then mix with a brush until a compact but still liquid consistency is obtained. Apply the resulting mixture to slightly damp hair, washed with Botox Ritual shampoo, at least 1 cm from the root. (You can use a comb or brush to thoroughly distribute the product through the hair). Leave the product on for 15 minutes, then rinse gently with lukewarm water. If the hair is very damaged, you can additionally apply a Botox Ritual mask for 5 minutes. After rinsing, gently drain the excess water with a towel and start drying the hair with a brush, closing the hair cuticles.


Short hair 1-2 sachets
Medium hair 3-4 sachets
Long hair 5-7 sachets
Extra long hair from 8 sachets

* if the hair is very thick, an additional 1-2 sachets are recommended

Professional product. Capacity 20 ml.

The treatment can be repeated every 2 weeks to keep the hair in perfect condition. It is worth using a shampoo and a mask from the Botox Ritual line for your care, which will prolong the effect of smooth and healthy hair.