Smoothing shampoo Botox Ritual 250 ml

smoothing shampoo


The moisturizing and smoothing Botox Ritual shampoo is designed for unruly and frizzy hair. The main active ingredient of the product is hyaluronic acid responsible for the regeneration and reconstruction of the hair structure and bamboo extract with anti-age properties. The shampoo foams well, thoroughly cleanses the hair of all impurities. This is the first step of the Botox Ritual smoothing treatment.

How to use: Apply the shampoo on your hand, rub it with water until it lathers, then apply to the length of your hair and rinse. Wash your hair twice. The next step during the treatment is Botox Botox Ritual, and the Botox Ritual Mask for post treatment care.

Professional product. It does not contain SLS. Capacity 250 ml.